Marc-André Dubois, Alexander Shestakov and Clive Tesar

Evidence from earlier regime effectiveness studies and niche-oriented analysis suggests that the Arctic Council and its member-states should use the Council's work to influence and shape action in other regional and international fora. The article highlights the need for the Arctic Council and its members to move beyond knowledge-building and norm-building to actively support regulatory advances in broader institutions by the establishment of a coordinated Arctic voice enabling Arctic states to provide collective leadership in global instruments with an Arctic agenda, such as finalizing the Polar Code. Such an approach would also be consistent with the recent Ministerial declaration of the Arctic Council. The Council's Arctic Ocean Review recommendations will serve as the example to illustrate the opportunities for member states to provide collective leadership in addressing those recommendations in international fora.

Marc-André Dubois is Advisor on External Relations, Alexander Shestakov is Director, and Clive Tesar is Head of Communications for the WWF Global Arctic Programme.

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