Larissa Riabova

The Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences based in Apatity, Murmansk region is going to publish a book summarizing its research on Arctic socio-economic issues in retrospect and prospect.

The book, The Arctic in the Research of the Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of KSC RAS: Thirty Years of Scientific Search, presents a review of the past, present and future research activities of the Institute for Economic Studies (IES) in the field of socio-economic and spatial developments in the Russian and global Arctic. The overview covers the period since 1986 – the year when the IES was established – till 2016. The edition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute. Until recently, the Institute has been the only academic institution in Russia for Arctic socio-economic research that was located in the Arctic.


The book offers information on the history of the IES, its departments and researchers specialized in the Arctic issues, fields of Arctic research activities of the IES and major accomplishments. It contains retrospective descriptions of national and international projects focused on the Arctic and carried out by the IES, and summarizes the main findings from these studies.

Other chapters represent the inventory of selected presentations on the Arctic at conferences, a catalog of dissertations defended in the Dissertation Council of the IES with their summaries, and a list of books and articles in scientific journals on the Arctic issues published by the IES’ researchers during the past decades. The last chapter describes the IES’ plans for the Arctic research in the near future until 2020, and provides details in terms of priorities for future activities of the Institute’s departments.

The book ends with a concluding section that identifies the main directions in the IES’ current Arctic research as follows:

  • Economic aspects of the implementation of hydrocarbon development projects on the Arctic shelf and of the revival of the Northern Sea Route;
  • Strategies for Russia's maritime activities in the Arctic and the mechanisms for sustainable functioning of the fishing industry;
  • Energy security in the Arctic regions of Russia;
  • Tourism development in the Russian Arctic;
  • Sustainable mining and environmental protection in the Arctic;
  • Studies of trends in social and economic development of the Arctic regions and municipalities;
  • Analysis of discrepancies in regional development based on use of mathematical models;
  • Prospects of innovative industrial development and investment policies in the Russian Arctic;
  • Social policy in the Russian Arctic, including its demographic and employment aspects, and strategies for development of social infrastructure;
  • Assessment of social sustainability across the regions of the Russian Arctic;
  • Evaluation of the governmental policies in the Arctic based on monitoring sociological research;
  • Corporate social responsibility in the Arctic;
  • Sustainable development of the Arctic single-industry towns and coastal settlements.

The book will be published in Russian with a short English summary. The list of the IES’ publications on the Arctic issues is supplemented with a separate section for each year on editions that were published in English during the 1986-2016 period.

The book is expected to be released in the Fall of 2017.

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